Extraction or save - what is better?

Which is the best option - Extraction of tooth or Saving it?

Dr. Suhrab Singh
Created on 5th Jul, 21

It can be a matter of confusion to choose between your tooth extraction or undergoing certain other procedure to save it. This blog will explain in detail about the best option for you.

Way to pearl white teeth - Neo dental care

Secrets of getting white teeth

Dr. Suhrab Singh
Created on 27th Jun, 21

White pearly teeth is the significant aspect of your beautiful smile. Who does not want pearl white teeth. The secrets of getting white teeth are discussed in this article.

Importance of flossing

Importance of flossing

Dr. Suhrab Singh
Created on 21st Jun, 21

The article will discuss the importance of flossing in your oral hygiene.

9 Tips to maintain oral hygiene

9 Tips to maintain Oral Hygiene

Dr. Suhrab Singh
Created on 4th Jun, 21

This article describes 9 tips to maintain oral hygiene

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