Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment: Procedure And Advantages

Single Sitting RCT is the standard treatment for removing an infection from a damaged or decayed tooth instead of removing it.

Dr. Suhrab Singh Created on 13th Aug, 21

Root canal treatment or RCT is the standard treatment for removing an infection from a damaged or decayed tooth instead of removing it. A mild or severe toothache is usually the first indication that a person might need a root canal treatment. If left untreated, the infection can grow manifolds and can spread to other areas.


The conventional RCT is a multiple sitting procedure that requires the patient to visit the dentist’s clinic two or three times, depending on the treatment approach. Single sitting root canal treatment is a revolutionary advancement in dentistry that allows patients to complete their RCT procedure in only one sitting.

Single sitting RCT Procedure

Following procedure is followed in single sitting RCT: 

  • An x-ray imaging is taken of the affected tooth to discover the extent of infection. Local anesthesia is given for a painless experience to the patient.
  • A cavity is created through the top of the tooth to create access to the pulp chamber and root canal. All the infected tooth materials are removed to create clear access.
  • The pulp chamber, along with the infected root canals is thoroughly cleaned out using instruments.
  • The canals are then shaped and cleaned again. The dentist then fills it with a filling material.
  • A crown is placed on the treated tooth to add strength and eliminate the possibility of fracture of the treated tooth.

Advantages of a Single Sitting RCT

This is the most advanced form of RCT. The key advantages include: 

  • Patients do not need to take two or three days out of their busy schedule for the treatment. They can go through the entire treatment in a single sitting.
  • Less discomfort as the procedure of injecting local anesthesia multiple times gets eliminated.
  • The chances of contamination that increase due to multiple appointments are reduced.
  • Convenient for older aged patients or patients with physical disabilities.
  • The cost of a single sitting root canal treatment is the same as that of a multiple sitting RCT and in some cases, it is even lesser.

After the Treatment 

Usually, the patients can go back to doing their normal activities after the completion of the procedure. It’s common for the patients to feel a mild sensitivity in the treated area, which goes away after few days automatically.


In the long run, they enjoy a positive, comfortable, and non-painful experience after undergoing the procedure. 


Single sitting root canal treatment is a highly advanced technique to relieve patients from their dental woes in much lesser time. It is a great option that patients can choose for a convenient treatment without compromising the efficacy. However, it is essential to choose the right clinic in your city for RCT for the accuracy of the treatment and after-treatment support.


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