Orthodontic Treatment in Noida

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with repositioning the teeth and jaws. It straightens and moves teeth that are not correctly aligned. Cleaning crooked teeth and teeth that do not fit together perfectly is more complicated. 

Tooth decay and other oral problems put them at risk of being harmed at a young age. These can strain the biting muscles, resulting in migraines, TMJ, neck, shoulder, and back pain. 

Orthodontics not only enhances the appearance but also improves the health of the teeth and gums.

Orthodontic correction using Braces

What are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

  • The improved appearance of the teeth and smile impacts an individual’s overall image and self-confidence.
  • Cleaning and maintaining healthy teeth and gums is simple.
  • Gradually, it may eliminate the risk of producing cavities and periodontal (gum) disease.
  • The proper alignment of the jaws and teeth improves the chewing capacity.
  • Mouth ulcers caused by crooked teeth can be avoided with properly aligned teeth and jaws.

When is Orthodontic Treatment Required?

  • Overbite: The top front teeth are too far forward than the bottom teeth in this condition.
  • Underbite: The lower teeth are too much ahead of the top teeth, or the upper teeth are too far back.
  • Crossbite: A crossbite occurs when the top teeth do not come down slightly before the lower teeth while breaking food.
  • Free nibble: In this condition, there is a gap between the front and side teeth’ biting surfaces as the back teeth chew the food.
  • Lost midline: The focal point of the upper teeth does not match the focal point of the lower teeth, resulting in a lost midline.
  • Gapping: When there is a gap between the teeth owing to lost teeth, it is referred to as gapping.
  • Swarming: When there are a lot of teeth in one spot, it’s called swarming.

How is the Orthodontist Treatment Carried at Neo Dental Care?

  • At Neo Dental Care, our proficient dentist in Noida can start by doing a clinical evaluation of the teeth.
  • Our expert orthodontist in Noida will take X-rays and construct plaster models of the teeth and jaws.
  • Following an examination of the teeth and jaws, our skilled dentist in Noida may develop a treatment plan for the patient, which will most likely include braces.
  • Braces apply steady pressure to the teeth over time, gradually moving them in a precise direction.

The orthodontic treatment in Noida is divided into three stages

  • Installation of the braces.
  • Adjustment of braces regularly.
  • Removal of braces and placement of retainers.

Types of Orthodontic Treatments Available at Neo Dental Car

Metal Braces: 

Metal braces, such as bands, wires, and brackets, are the most widely used fixed tools. These are wrapped around the teeth. To attain the best results, the supports are usually replaced monthly. It can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to get the optimum results.

The metal braces are made up of brackets that are adhered to the teeth and connected by wire. They need tightening regularly. So, continuous pressure can gradually align the teeth and the jaw.

Ceramic braces: 

These are comparable to typical metal braces, except instead of grey or metallic silver, the brackets are constructed of clear or tooth-colored ceramic material. Many people choose them during their orthodontic treatment in Noida since they are less obvious.

Lingual braces: 

These braces are attached to the back of the teeth, facing the tongue rather than the front of the teeth. As a result, they are practically undetectable, giving patients a more discreet option. Hence, it is one of the most preferred orthodontic treatments in Noida. 

Clear Aligners: 

These are clear, custom-made trays made of special material. They employ mild, continuous pressure to shift the teeth into the desired position without metal wires or brackets. It fits securely over the teeth and straightens them like braces. The patient can take them out during eating, brushing, or flossing.

Cost of Orthodontic Treatment in Noida

The cost of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the individual. It depends on the issues the patient wants to address. 

At Neo Dental Care, we provide affordable treatment solutions to fit any budget. However, the cost of treatment will vary depending on the type of braces the patient selects.

If you want correctly aligned teeth, schedule an appointment at Neo Dental Care to seek the result-oriented and cost-effective orthodontic treatment in Noida.

Before and After Results of Orthodontic Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is interceptive orthodontic treatment?

Interceptive orthodontic treatments use early intervention to regulate tooth eruption and correct aberrant bites to improve long-term outcomes. It is one of the preferred treatments for youngsters.

What is the difference between accelerated orthodontics and traditional orthodontics?

Accelerated orthodontics achieve the same effects as traditional orthodontic treatments in a fraction of the time. It works by stimulating the formation of new bone in the jaw.

What is the duration of orthodontic treatment?

Depending on the patient’s demand, the treatment can last anywhere from six to thirty months. So, the patient will have to keep wearing those orthodontic tools until they achieve effective results.

When is the best time to see an orthodontist?

The treatment is not limited to any one age group. Hence, anyone can benefit from orthodontic treatments.