Root Canal Treatment in Noida

  • Are your gums swollen and your teeth hurting?
  • Do you have any discomfort while eating?
  • Do you get dental sensitivity when you eat cold or hot foods?

If this is the case, a root canal treatment may be a good option for you. A root canal treatment helps restore and protect a severely damaged or infected tooth. To avail of this excellent dental treatment, visit Neo Dental Clinic. Here, Dr. Suhrab Singh, an experienced dentist in Noida, provides advanced and affordable root canal treatment in Noida. To date, Dr. Suhrab has performed 15000+ root canal procedures.

Besides, Dr. Suhrab Singh is an expert Endodontist and Implantologist with extensive expertise in treating thousands of patients, ranging from aching teeth in need of a superior pain-free root canal treatment to those who have had failed root canals performed elsewhere.

Root Canal Treatment In Noida

At present, Dr. Suhrab Singh is the HOD of Neo Dental Hospital’s dental department. Neo Dental is among the leading dental clinic in Noida. It has the most up-to-date dental technology and equipment for modest to complex dental procedures. Moreover, Dr. Suhrab Singh has more than ten years of expertise in the profession and specializes in various dental procedures such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics.

This article provides general information about root canal treatment, its cost, benefits, and more.

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What is a Root Canal Treatment, and How does it work?

The crown and root are the two sections of a tooth. Enamel, dentin, and pulp make up the crown. Cementum, dentin, and root canals packed with pulpal tissue make up the root.

When an infection penetrates a tooth, it travels through the enamel, dentin, and pulp. Then, the infection spreads from the pulp to the root canals and into the bone beneath the tooth.

The dentist removes all infections in the pulp during the root canal procedure. Then, the dentist fills the tooth with a permanent restoration and seals the sterile, cleaned area in the pulp. The dentist should perform a root canal with extreme caution and bacteria-free tools.

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How much is the Root Canal Treatment Cost in Noida?

When determining root canal treatment cost in Noida, there are various aspects to consider. First, the cost of root canal treatment in Noida is often determined by which tooth is afflicted. For example, anterior or front tooth treatment is usually less complicated and less expensive than treating a large molar.

Second, the root canal treatment cost in Noida differs per clinic. However, without a doubt, Neo Dental provides high-quality root canal treatment at a reasonable price.

When and why is a Root Canal Needed?

Several conditions affect the teeth, and root canal treatment can relieve the pain. If you have any of the following dental problems, you may need a root canal:

  • Dental caries
  • Attrition – Loss of tooth surface (it is age-associated)
  • An injury to the tooth
  • Deep crack in the tooth caused by biting on it with force
  • Deformation of the lower portion of the tooth
  • Exposure to extremely high levels of acid to the teeth.
  • When a bridge is used to replace a lost tooth or a fixed partial denture, the nearby healthy teeth must be treated for root canals before the bridge can be fixed.
  • When teeth discolour after the eruption, the dentist usually performs a root canal before placing a single or multiple crowns.

The Actual Process of Root Canal Treatment

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Step 1: The dentist will anaesthetize the affected tooth. Then, make an opening in the crown into the pulp chamber.

Step 2: Next, the dentist will determine the length of the root canals.

Step 3: Then, the dentist will remove the unhealthy pulp. Cleaning, enlarging, and shaping canals are all done.

Step 4: Fill and seal the canals. The dentist may place a metal post for structural support or to keep restorative materials in place.

Step 5: Finally, the dentist will use a temporary filling to seal the tooth. A crown, in most cases, provides additional protection.

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The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • The Root Canal procedure provides good sealing properties.
  • It Eliminates pain issues.
  • It can reverse nerve tissue inhibition.
  • It has a nature appearance.
  • Prevents infection and staining of other teeth.

What precautions should you take following a root canal treatment?

1. Do not chew on the treated tooth.

Trauma or stress on the tooth can cause a tooth fracture.

2. Take proper care of the teeth and gums.

Start flossing and brushing the teeth; pay special attention to the treated area.

3. Do not consume alcoholic beverages or smoke.

Smoking and consuming alcohol can obstruct the healing process.

4. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to kill bacteria in your mouth and improve healing.

5. Take prescribed medications.

If your dentist prescribes antibiotics, make sure you finish the course to avoid complications.

Why Choose Neo Dental for Root Canal Treatment in Noida?

  • We recognize that a healthy smile leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, we use a comprehensive approach to ensure that you have a healthy and beautiful smile.
  • We conduct a thorough dental examination and design a root canal treatment strategy that is professional and cost-effective.
  • In addition, we provide a wide range of dental treatments to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.
  • As we aim to draw on our dental expertise to fulfil our client’s needs, we take a comprehensive and thorough approach.
If you are suffering from dental problems, schedule an appointment at Neo Dental Clinic and avail of the best dental treatment in Noida.

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What to expect after the root canal?

After completion of the root canal, the dentist will take a report of the treatment. Then, within 30 days, patients must schedule an appointment with the dentist for a follow-up. The dentist will determine the sort of restoration required to protect the tooth.

Does a root canal treatment need the extraction of a tooth?

The tooth will not be extracted and will be able to function normally after a root canal treatment. Even though root canal treatment eliminates the tooth’s nerves, these nerves serve only a minor purpose in a fully grown tooth.

Is root canal a painful procedure?

A root canal treatment is often no more painful than a filling. A root canal relieves pain rather than causing it. Advancements have made root canal treatment nearly painless.

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The length of a root canal treatment is determined by the technique and the type of tooth treated. The treatment usually takes one session, but in certain cases, a second appointment may be required. However, we estimate that you will spend one to two hours at the clinic.