Maxillary Sinus

Sinus Lift Surgery in Noida

It is not always simple to get dental implants that are strong and healthy. However, a sinus lift surgery is a step toward a healthier smile when it is necessary. Sinus lift surgery enables the patient to benefit fully from dental implants even after a significant bone loss. 

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This article provides information on sinus lift surgery, eligibility for it, its procedure, benefits, and more. Continue reading to know more.

Overview of Sinus Lift Surgery

A sinus lift also referred to as sinus augmentation, is a surgical procedure that makes it simpler to place dental implants. Some people need dental implants, but bone loss prevents them from having the necessary bone support. 

In these situations, a sinus lift can be beneficial because it increases the amount of bone in the upper jaw by adding bone to the space between the molars and premolars.

The sinus membrane needs to be “lifted” or pushed up for the bone to fit. The name of the surgery derives from this. Dental specialists, such as oral maxillofacial surgeons or periodontists, typically perform sinus lifts.

Candidates for Sinus Lift Surgery

At Neo Dental Care, Dr. Suhrab Singh may recommend a sinus lift surgery in Noida if you are missing:

  •  Single tooth in the back of the jaw
  •  Multiple teeth in the back of the jaw
  •  Substantial bone mass in the back of the jaw
  •  Teeth due to a congenital defect or condition
  •  Most of the maxillary teeth and thus require dental implant support 

What is the Cost of Sinus Lift Surgery in Noida?

The cost of sinus lift surgery in Noida may range from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 55,000. However, the cost of sinus lift surgery may differ based on:

  • bone graft materials required
  • the complexity of the surgery
  • dentist’s fee
  • facility’s charges
  • dental clinic’s location

What to Expect Before Sinus Lift Surgery?

Our dentist will first figure out where the extra bone will come from if you require sinus lift surgery. The following are the three most prevalent forms of bone utilized in sinus lift procedures:

  •     Autogenous bone: Bone from your body
  •     Allogenic bone: Bone from a cadaver
  •     Xenograft: Bone from a cow

If the bone is your own, it will come from different parts of your mouth or body.

After that, the dentist may order an X-ray. It assists the dentist in examining the jaw and sinuses and determining the best treatment for you.

Actual Procedure of Sinus Lift Surgery

We will now discuss what to anticipate during surgery. You will therefore be ready and assured when having your sinus lift surgery. The general sequence of events during sinus lift surgery is as follows:

  • The dental surgeon will first raise and incise the gum tissue to reveal the bone beneath. Then, the surgeon lifts the bony component, inserts a bone graft into the sinus cavity, and makes a small incision in the bone. The healing process then begins after the surgeon has sealed the incision.
  • The dentist will place the implants four to twelve months after the sinus lift procedure. The new bone can properly integrate with the old bone, thanks to this gap.
  • The amount of bone the patient, needs will determine how long it will take to implant the dental implants after the surgery. 
  • The dentist will let the patient know when it will be appropriate to install the implants.

What to Expect After Sinus Lift Surgery?

After a sinus lift surgery, the patient may experience:

  •  Slight discomfort or pain
  •  Mild swelling
  •  Light bleeding from the nose or mouth immediately after surgery

The patient should avoid blowing the nose or sneezing after the surgery. We understand that sneezing is challenging to manage, so avoid anything that makes the patient sneezy.

Sneezing and blowing the nose might loosen the stitches by causing the bone-graft material to loosen. So be cautious.

The dentist might provide the following to the patient:

  •     Saline spray to retain moisture in the nose 
  •     Medication to prevent inflammation and congestion 
  •     Pain medicine
  •     Antibiotics
  •     Antimicrobial mouthwash to prevent infection

You will have a follow-up appointment with our dentist seven to ten days following your sinus lift surgery in Noida at Neo Dental Care. After inspecting the surgical site, the dentist may remove any stitches that have not fallen out on their own.

Patients may occasionally need to check in a few more times. However, there is no cause for concern. The dentist wants to ensure the patient is getting the best care possible.

Benefits of Sinus Lift Surgery

  •  Repairs gum disease and tooth loss damage.
  •  Allows placement of dental implants.
  •  Reduces the risk of sinus damage.
  •  Short and painless recovery process.

Risks Associated with Sinus Lift Surgery

  •  The major side effect of a sinus lift surgery is the risk of puncturing the sinus membranes. The dentist will sew or patch the wound if this occurs during the procedure.
  •  If the first attempt fails, the patient must recover before attempting a second sinus lift. 


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Is it possible to get a sinus lift and a dental implant at the same time?

The patient needs to wait several months for the bone graft to solidify and merge with the jawbone after a sinus lift treatment. The dental implants may be placed after four to nine months, depending on the amount of bone used. 

Will the patient have sinus problems after a sinus lift

No, there should be no changes in the sinuses, allergies, or breathing after a sinus lift surgery.

Do dental implants necessitate a sinus lift

Yes. Dental implants are not an option if there is insufficient bone to support the implant.

What kind of bone grafting material is used

Because it contains living tissues that help growth and healing, the best grafting material originates from your own body. Bone grafting material from various sources, like human cadaver bone, cow bone, or artificial materials, can be used instead.