Dr. Suhrab Singh explains root canal treatment in detail

Root canal treatment has emerged as a viable treatment option to resolve dental decay and related issues. Endodontists are dentists trained and qualified in root canal procedures and assert that these procedures save the tooth from further decay and prevent its extraction.

Root Canal Treatment
Orthodontics and Braces Malocclusion of the teeth

Dr. Suhrab Singh explains orthodontic treatment options for “Poor Bite” dental conditions

Poor bite or bad bite is a common dental problem which can be resolved through better and advanced orthodontic treatments.  This condition is known as malocclusion as the upper and the lower teeth are not aligned when the mouth is closed. 

How Dental Implants Help in Maintaining Oral Health and Prevent Further Dental Issues

Dental implants replace the roots of the missing teeth. These dental implants offer numerous advantages and hence are most recommended by dentists worldwide. The dentist will firmly screw the implant into the jawbone and place a crown or fake tooth over it.

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