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Full mouth rehabilitation involving extractions, root canal treatment, core build-ups, crown preparations, temporary crowns followed by DMLS crowns

A 62 years female patient named Mrs. Hasneeta visited Neo Dental Care, one of the leading dental clinic in Noida. The patient had an autoimmune disorder and was undergoing treatment for the same and depression. She complained of difficulty chewing and was anxious about dental treatment due to a previous bad experience of extraction (done elsewhere).


Dr. Suhrab Singh, a highly-qualified and experienced dentist in Noida, conducted OPG and RVGs tests. The diagnosis confirmed partially missing teeth with carious lesions with generalized gingivitis.


Based on the diagnosis, Dr. Suhrab Singh suggested full mouth rehabilitation involving extractions, root canal treatment, core build-ups, crown preparations, and temporary crowns followed by DMLS crowns


The dentist explained the treatment plan in detail to the patient, and extractions were done for required teeth after taking consent. Then, the doctor prescribed the medications and gave post-extraction instructions.


Single sitting RCTs were done, followed by core buildup in required teeth. Tooth preparations were done, and the scan was done and sent to the lab. Temporary crowns were cemented. 


In the subsequent sitting, metal trials were done, and temporary crowns were recemented. Permanent cementations were done for DMLS bridges. The patient was advised not to have anything for one-hour post permanent cementation.



  • Full mouth rehabilitation involving extractions, root canal treatment, core build-ups, crown preparations, and temporary crowns followed by DMLS crowns 
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Full mouth rehabilitation, Full mouth root canal treatments, with gingivectomies and all-ceramic crowns

Mr. Arora came to our dental clinic in Noida with trauma from occlusion and deep bite. After a thorough examination with OPG and pulp vitality tests, Dr. Suhrab Singh, our expert dentist in Noida, diagnosed that Dr. Arora had attrition with chronic apical periodontitis and would require full mouth rehabilitation. It included full mouth root canal treatments, gingivectomy, and the placement of ceramic crowns. 


Dr. Suhrab ensured that Dr. Arora feels minimal pain during the root canal and gingivectomy, so he administered him local anesthesia. Further, Dr. Suhrab opened the crown into the pulp chamber and determined the length of the root canals. Then, Dr. Suhrab removed the unhealthy pulp and cleaned and shaped the canals. Dr. Suhrab also performed a gingivectomy to remove diseased gum tissues. Next, Dr. Suhrab filled and sealed the canals. 


Dr. Suhrab Singh, an expert orthodontist in Noida, used the filling to repair the tooth to support the crown. Then, our dentist shaved the patient’s tooth to reduce its size. Further, Dr. Suhrab used the scanner to take an impression of the patient’s reduced tooth. 


Using a shade card, Dr. Suhrab determined the shade of the tooth to ensure that the dental crown matches the color of the natural teeth of Dr. Arora. Our dentist created a temporary capping to cover the tooth. Once the permanent crown was ready, the temporary cap was removed. Finally, Dr. Suhrab fixed the permanent ceramic crown and evaluated it after a week to ensure that it is well-fitted on the tooth. 

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