Which is the Best Option – Extraction of Tooth or Saving it?

Which is the Best Option – Extraction of Tooth or Saving it?

It can be a matter of confusion to choose between your tooth extraction or undergoing certain other procedure to save it. This blog will explain in detail about the best option for you.

Do you have a toothache?

Do you feel like removing that painful tooth and throwing it off?

The urge to pull off a painful tooth is widespread! But acting on this urge can turn expensive. Yes, extracting your natural tooth might seem to be an easy option. But this easy option can make your life difficult! Yes, in some cases, the extraction of the tooth is the right choice. In such cases, by sacrificing one tooth, you save 31 teeth! But this is not true in all cases.

Why is it better to save the natural tooth?

When is extracting a natural tooth a better option than saving it?

This article provides answers to all the above questions and helps you in making the right choice. It helps you in deciding whether you should save your tooth or extract it. It helps you in choosing one of the 2 options.

First, let us discuss

Why saving a natural tooth is a better option than extracting it?

The best dentist in Noida gives the following benefits of saving the natural tooth.

  • Natural teeth are strong: Natural is always better than artificial. Natural things last for longer. The same goes for teeth as well. Natural teeth are stronger than artificial teeth. So, this is one of the reasons why saving a natural tooth is a better option than extracting it.
  • Shifting of teeth doesn’t happen: Extraction of teeth leaves a gap. This gap causes the remaining teeth to shift. Shifting of teeth creates problems in chewing food and reduces the quality of both our teeth and our life. By saving one tooth, we save other teeth! By saving your tooth, you have only to bear the pain of one tooth, but when you extract it, you have to bear the pain of 31 teeth. Yes, extraction of the tooth causes shifting of teeth which leads to severe tooth pain. Yes, tooth pain is terrible, but this pain can save you from bigger pains.
  • Maintain your younger look: Yes, saving your tooth is painful, but more painful is hearing remarks like, “You look older than your age” from people. No one likes to be called old. Extraction of teeth makes one appear older than his age. When teeth are extracted, the roots that support the jaw get pulled. The gap in the bone causes the surrounding bone to collapse, thus making people look older than their actual age.
  • Confidence will stay intact: By saving your natural tooth, you also save your confidence. Yes, losing a natural tooth leads to a loss of confidence. When you lose your natural tooth, you also lose your confidence. Extracting your tooth can ruin your smile. Extracting natural teeth will save you from pain but will harm your beautiful smile. When one saves their tooth, the pain stays for a while, but their beautiful smile stays forever.
  • Saves money and time: When you save your natural tooth, you also save your money and time because extracting your tooth and replacing it means more dental visits to a dental clinic in Noida, more expenses, and more investment as money on dental treatments.

Saving your tooth is painful! But this pain is small compared to the gains one gets by saving their tooth. This small pain can lead to bigger gains. The gains of saving the natural tooth are much more than the pain caused by saving the natural tooth. Thus, the best dentist in Noida considers saving a tooth a better option than extracting it.

How can one save their natural tooth?

One can save their natural tooth by getting a root canal treatment done from the best dental clinic in Noida. Root canal treatment helps in saving your natural tooth as well as vanishes the pain.

When is extracting tooth the best option?

When your tooth is cracked or cannot be restored, extracting the tooth is the best option. By sacrificing 1 tooth, you save 31 other teeth. Isn’t sacrificing 1 tooth and saving 31 teeth a better option than saving one tooth and sacrificing the others? So, if you have a cracked tooth, it is advisable to get it extracted by visiting a dental clinic in Noida.


I hope this article helped you in deciding whether you want to save your tooth or extract it.

So, which option have you chosen?

Extract your tooth or save your tooth?

Or are you still confused?

And wondering which is the best option, extract your tooth or save it?

If you are still confused and wondering which is the best option for you, then visit an orthodontist in Noida right now to get proper guidance.

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