Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation

Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation

What is Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation and Why is it Necessary?

Lateral window sinus augmentation is a game-changer for those grappling with inadequate bone mass in the upper jaw. This procedure is often the first step in making dental implants a reality.

So, why the buzz around it? For starters, it’s a beacon of hope for smiles compromised by bone loss.

When teeth are lost, especially molars in the upper jaw, the sinus cavity can expand. The expansion of the sinus cavity leaves insufficient bone for dental implant placement. That’s where lateral window sinus augmentation steps in. This technique involves adding bone graft material through a small opening in the sinus wall. The procedure paves the way for successful dental implants, ensuring they stay put just like natural teeth.

“Look at it like laying a strong foundation before building a house,” explains Dr. Suhrab Singh, a renowned dentist in Noida. “The lateral window sinus lift ensures the implants have a sturdy base to anchor to.”

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Continue reading for further insights and a deeper understanding of this procedure.

Understanding the Objectives of Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation

Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation

When it comes to restoring radiant smiles, lateral window sinus augmentation is a dental hero. The primary aim of this technique is to create a solid foundation in the upper jaw.


Because a robust jawbone is crucial for dental implants to not only fit but to endure. The lateral wall sinus lift steps up where natural bone volume is lacking, especially after tooth loss. It carefully ushers in new bone material, boosting the height and width of the bone. This helps the dental implants have a fighting chance to succeed.

Dr. Suhrab Singh, a renowned name for sinus lift surgery in Noida, knows that an augmented sinus means more than just added bone. “Lateral window sinus lift technique means added confidence for implant candidates. It does not just help in implant preparation; it also crafts the outline of a healthier oral landscape.”

A sturdier jawbone means dental implants can be placed securely. It helps patients bite, chew, and smile with natural strength and stability.

One may wonder, how exactly does a lateral window sinus augmentation unfold? Dr. Suhrab Singh demystifies the process with his patient-friendly approach.

Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation – Step-By-Step Procedure

Here’s a simplified breakdown of the steps involved:


1. Initial Assessment and Planning

Dr. Suhrab Singh employs X-rays or CT scans to evaluate the anatomy of the patient’s jaw and sinuses and plan the sinus lift lateral approach.

2. Anesthesia

The doctor then administers local anesthesia to numb the area and ensure comfort throughout the procedure.

3. Accessing the Sinus

The dentist makes a small incision in the gum tissue where the back teeth used to be, pulling the tissue back to reveal the jawbone.

A small, oval window is then carefully cut into the bone, revealing the membrane lining the sinus.

4. Bone Grafting

The doctor delicately lifts the sinus membrane from the jawbone, creating a small space. He packs the bone graft material into this space.

5. Closing the Incision

After the graft is in place, the tissue is laid back over the window and stitched closed.

“But what about the risks?” you might ask. Well, let’s delve into that next, shall we?

Common Risks and Complications of Sinus Augmentation Lateral Approach:

  • Accidental tearing during the procedure.
  • Excessive bleeding during or after surgery.
  • The bone graft may not integrate well.
  • Inflammation or infection of the sinus.
  • Temporary or permanent nerve disturbance.
  • Insufficient bone quality or quantity for implant support.

Ways to Mitigate These Risks:

  • Detailed imaging studies to map out the surgical area.
  • Antibiotics pre- and post-surgery to prevent infection.
  • Gentle handling of tissue and precise surgical methods.
  • Follow instructions on care and medication strictly.
  • Attend all scheduled appointments after surgery.
  • Report any unusual symptoms to your dentist right away.
  • Support healing with good nutrition and oral hygiene.

That said – the primary key is to select experts like Dr. Suhrab Singh, known for providing the best dental implants in Noida.

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Recovery Following Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation

Immediate Postoperative Period (Days 1-7):

  • Swelling, bruising, and discomfort are common.
  • Pain is managed with prescribed or over-the-counter medications.
  • Follow postoperative instructions carefully.
  • Avoid strenuous activities and exercise.

Bone Integration Phase (Weeks 2-6):

  • Graft material starts integrating with existing bone.
  • Swelling and bruising are reduced.
  • Continue gentle oral care and follow-up appointments.

Final Healing and Implant Placement (Months 3-9):

  • Graft matures for stable implant support.
  • Implant placement timing varies.
  • Implant healing and integration with bone.
  • Attach custom-made prosthetic teeth.

But what if the lateral window sinus augmentation isn’t the right fit for your needs? Explore other sinus lift techniques that could be a better match for your unique situation.

Alternatives to Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation

When it comes to giving your upper jaw a boost for dental implants, there are other approaches, including:

 Crestal Approach:

The surgeon makes a tiny hole in the bony ridge and slips graft material into the sinus. It is typically less invasive with quicker healing.

  • Preferred when there is moderate sinus pneumatization and limited bone height.

 Balloon Sinuplasty: 

A small balloon gently lifts the sinus membrane, making room for bone graft material. It’s a minimally invasive method, meaning a faster recovery.

  • Preferred when addressing chronic sinusitis or sinus-related issues without needing bone augmentation.

Piezoelectric Technique: 

Ultrasonic vibes precisely cut bone. It’s used in different sinus lifts, minimizing tissue trauma.

  • Preferred when there is a need for precise and controlled bone cutting.

Tuberosity Window: 

For significant upper jaw bone loss, a small window in the cheekbone gives access to the sinus for grafting.

  • Preferred when there is limited vertical bone height but adequate horizontal bone in the posterior maxilla.

Hydraulic Sinus Condensing: 

This technique uses hydraulic pressure to compact graft material, lifting the sinus floor and allowing new bone growth.

  • Preferred when there is limited bone height and a need for minimal bone grafting.

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Dr. Suhrab Singh

The lateral window sinus augmentation approach is a reliable method to increase bone height in the upper jaw for successful dental implant placement. It involves creating a lateral window in the jawbone and grafting bone material to support the implants. Dr. Suhrab Singh chooses each tool and material carefully to complement the patient’s specific needs and maximize the procedure’s success.

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What is the success rate of Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation?

The success rate of Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation is generally high, with success rates often exceeding 90%.

How much does Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation cost in India?

The cost of Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation in India can vary widely depending on factors such as location, the complexity of the case, and the dental surgeon’s fees. It typically ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 60,000 or more.

Can Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation be combined with other dental procedures?

Yes, Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation can be combined with other dental procedures, such as implant placement or bone grafting, to restore missing teeth and improve oral function.

What is the difference between Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation and other sinus lift techniques?

The main difference between Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation and other sinus lift techniques is the approach used to access the sinus cavity. Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation involves creating a lateral window in the jawbone to access and augment the sinus floor. In contrast, other techniques, like the Crestal Approach or Hydraulic Sinus Condensing, use alternative methods to achieve the same goal with varying degrees of invasiveness.


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