Dentures…Are They Right For Me?

Dentures…Are They Right For Me?

Dentures have many benefits, says Dr. Suhrab Singh, one of the best dentists in Noida, “they allow you to eat the food of your choice and help regain your self-confidence.”

We do not realize the importance of teeth until we lose them to gum disease, injury, or decay.

Not having teeth causes a lot of difficulties while eating and speaking, not to forget its impact on our smile and appearance.

Thankfully, there are options available to replace your missing teeth, dentures being one of them.

“Dentures have many benefits,” says Dr. Suhrab Singh, one of the best dentist in Noida, “they allow you to eat the food of your choice and help regain your self-confidence.”

He is the principal dentist and HOD at Neo Dental Care, a premier dental clinic in Noida at Neo Hospital.

What are dentures?

Dentures are custom-made dental replacements for missing teeth. They are quite popular as they restore oral functionality and look and are comfortable to wear. 


They are specially made to fit one’s mouth and are kept in position by the jaw bone and gum tissues in the dental arch. Sometimes you may need adhesives and denture creams to hold them in place.


Though dentures help you regain your beautiful smile, they are not suitable for everyone.


Find out if dentures are right for you by visiting Neo Dental Care, one of the best dental clinic in Noida. They specialize in providing a perfect set of dentures made by taking the precise measurement of your mouth and making  moulds of your teeth.

Who is an ideal candidate for dentures?

The right candidate for dentures is people who have lost many teeth but still have enough healthy gum tissue and jawbone.

Further, the extent of tooth loss also is an important criterion. A dental bridge may be an optimum solution for someone who has one or two lost teeth. 

If a person is missing a high number of teeth, a complete or partial denture may be suggested, depending on the patient’s preferences. 

You can consult with Dr. Suhrab Singh, a highly-acclaimed dentist in Noida if you have doubts about whether you are a good candidate or not. He will help you determine which dentures are most apt for you based on the following factors:

  • Complete dentures if you have lost all your teeth.
  • Partial dentures are perfect if you have lost only some of your teeth.
  • Implant-supported dentures are a blend of traditional dentures and dental implants. This innovative dental appliance is secured in place by the dental implants fused in the jaw bone.
  • Some patients wish to have a denture on the same day their teeth are extracted. For them, there is an option of immediate dentures.

Traditional or implant-supported denture, how to choose

Talk to your dentist if you have trouble deciding between conventional and implant-supported dentures. He will provide you with the pro and cons of both types of dentures and help you select the best alternative for missing natural teeth .

Many factors have to be considered, and the main one is whether you are a suitable candidate for implants.

For undergoing a dental implant, you should not be suffering from any gum diseases and need enough jawbone for the implant to bond with the jaw.

Keep your budget in mind as implant-supported dentures are more expensive than traditional dentures and need oral surgery.

No doubt, traditional dentures fit snugly in your mouth and are comfortable. Still, implant-supported dentures anchored to the jawbone offer the benefit of not slipping or shifting out of place. So, you do not have to face an awkward moment of teeth popping out while you eat or speak.

As for durability, implant-supported dentures are built to last a lifetime, whereas conventional dentures though durable, may have to be replaced later on.

Is it easy to adjust to dentures?

Getting adjusted to anything new takes time, so with the dentures. Initially, you will take time adjusting to them before you are comfortable wearing them every day. 

At first, opt to eat soft, small foods, as hard, crunchy food may be difficult to eat. Further, avoid eating sticky food, as it may stick to your dentures.

Also, it may be challenging to speak properly in the starting, but eventually, this issue will subside, and you will be happy and comfortable with the new set of teeth.

What are the benefits of dentures?

  • Dentures are a cost-effective solution to teeth loss.
  • They help avoid social awkwardness due to lack of teeth and restore your smile.
  • Dentures fit snugly in your mouth and look and perform like your natural teeth.
  • Dentures preserve your facial appearance and prevent your facial muscles from sagging due to the loss of teeth. Thereby making you look younger.
  • Without teeth, the bone structure in your jaws begins to disintegrate. Dentures minimize the damage to the oral bone structure.
  • Removable dentures allow quick and easy cleaning.
  • Partial dentures help distribute the chewing forces equally, preventing the wear and tear of the remaining natural teeth.

Dentures can help you get back the confidence in your smile. If you have any questions concerning dentures, you can make an appointment with our dentist. Neo Dental Care is one of the leading dental hospital in Noida for high-quality treatment and care.

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