Tooth Alignment for Adults

Tooth Alignment for Adults

Are braces taking away the charm of your smile? Call Dr. Suhrab Singh, a renowned orthodontist in Noida, for the perfect tooth alignment for adults. Ph: +91 – 9818872732, 9755712732.

Do you feel that braces are a little uncomfortable, a bit high-maintenance, and unpleasantly noticeable when you speak or smile? Well, worry not! We have some excellent news for you!

Aligners are a simple remedy for misaligned teeth that do not come with the same level of discomfort or maintenance as metal braces. Having your teeth straightened used to entail a lot more hassle: you would have to visit an orthodontist to get fitted with a mouthful of uncomfortable metal, which you would then have to wear for months at a time. Unattractive and inconvenient!

Dr. Suhrab Singh, the founder of Neo Dental Care – one of the best dental clinics in Noida, says that invisible teeth aligners are a simple solution to correct your teeth for a smile you can be proud of if you have crooked or misaligned teeth. 

If you need help with straightening your teeth, please visit Dr. Suhrab Singh, an accomplished orthodontist, to reestablish your smile.

What are the causes of tooth alignment for adults?

Adults may require tooth alignment treatment for the following reasons:

  • Malocclusions (crowded or crooked teeth)
  • A gap between the teeth
  • Teeth that do not fit together when you bite down

What are the various options available for orthodontic treatment in Noida?

Teeth straightening procedures have several benefits, such as: 

  • it can improve the appearance of your smile 
  • relieve jaw pain
  • realign crowded teeth
  • close gaps

Following are the various orthodontic treatments in Noida

Metal braces

Metal brackets, elastic bands, and wires are used in the traditional metal braces to push teeth into their correct positions. While these braces have a bad reputation, they have been evolving over time and are still a viable option because of their effectiveness in treating orthodontic difficulties.

Most adults do not prefer to get metal braces as they are very obvious and tends to take ones attention when an adult with metal braces speaks or smiles. There are also some foods, like gum, corn, etc., that you cannot eat comfortably with metal braces as they get stuck in the brackets easily.

They also need periodical tightening which can leave you with a sore mouth for a few days after.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are clear or tooth-colored brackets connected to a thin metal wire. These devices are not removable; however, they work faster than clear aligners at straightening teeth. In fact, they resemble a retainer rather than braces. These are a good option for adults who require a speedy outcome and are unconcerned about their appearance.

Dr. Suhrab Singh, the eminent dental surgeon in Noida, cautions that ceramic braces tend to stain when exposed to certain staining foods and beverages. But they are frequently replaced, so if you avoid coffee, wine, and blackberries, you should be fine. 

Lingual braces

These braces are wired and inserted behind your teeth, so they are not noticeable. However, because the tongue is in constant contact with them, lingual braces may cause discomfort to some people. They are also prone to trapping food particles, and it can be a bit difficult to clean them. 

Still, for individuals looking for a practical solution, these braces combine the functionality of traditional braces along with a teeth-straightening method that is virtually invisible.

Orthopedic expansion

This therapy might free up space without requiring tooth extraction if your teeth are crowded. Orthopedic expansion widens the jaw, making room for teeth and changing the form of your face in a pleasing way. 

Broadening the jaw can: 

  • cause you to smile wider
  • allow you to avoid an extraction by making more room for crowded teeth
  • reduce the treatment time that orthodontic devices such as braces or clear alignment trays take
  • improve the fullness of your lips and cheeks, similar to the results of plastic surgery

Clear aligners

Adults who want to align their teeth but do not want a treatment that is noticeable or causes discomfort might consider clear aligners. To obtain a wonderful smile, they can either be used alone or in addition to other orthodontic treatments. Clear aligners are customized, detachable plastic trays that realign your teeth by making minor modifications toward a straighter smile at every stage.

Each tray is individually built to shift your teeth into place gradually. The tray is replaced every 2 weeks with a new one that pushes your teeth even further. This procedure is repeated until your teeth are properly aligned. Because the gadget is nearly undetectable, it is a popular choice among individuals who wish to go about their regular lives without their smile changing dramatically.

Making the best selection starts with learning about all of your alternatives; please consult with Noida’s well-known orthodontist, Dr. Suhrab Singh, to find the most suitable teeth straightening option for you.

What are the pros and cons of clear aligners?


  • Unlike traditional metal braces, clear straightening aligners are not noticeable to most people.
  • They are usually gentler on the cheeks and gums.
  • They can be easily removed, so you should remove them before consuming food or liquids (unless it is water).
  • Treatment timeframes for aligners are often shorter than traditional braces, ranging from 6 – 18 months for aligners versus 18 – 36 months for the conventional braces (depending on what treatment you require)


  • Every time you take the trays out, you will have to brush and clean your teeth.
  • You must wear them for a set length of time each day to keep your treatment plan on track.
  • They cannot fix as many tooth problems as regular braces can.
  • While clear aligners do not need “adjustments,” you will be provided with fresh trays every couple of weeks in order to aid with the movement of your teeth. These adjustments may necessitate a trip to your orthodontist.


Our appearance has a significant impact on how comfortable we feel about ourselves and how we show ourselves in social situations, so being confident in our looks can boost our self-esteem.

It is understandable that many people wish to improve their smile to improve their overall appearance. Straightening your teeth for a new smile can radically change how you look. Having a healthy, attractive grin enhances your confidence in both social and professional circumstances.

If you or a loved one has misaligned teeth, please do not delay. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Suhrab Singh, a top-notch dental surgeon  in Noida, for a safe, reliable, and effective treatment.

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