Regular Dental Check Up Is Necessary For Healthy Teeth And Gums​

Regular Dental Check Up Is Necessary For Healthy Teeth And Gums​

Regular Dental Check Up Is Necessary For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Oral care and oral health are as important as your overall physical and psychological health. A regular dental check up is imperative because they help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. You should have a dental checkup at least every six months or as suggested by your dentist. Regular visits to dentists will not only help your attractive smile but can also ensure you are not facing diseases like diabetes, acid reflux, and leukemia. Dental issues need early detection and treatment; otherwise, they surge quickly and you notice them when the gum is bleeding or paining, teeth are broken, or bad breath has become annoying.

What happens when you visit a dentist?

There are two parts to a regular dental check up:

  • Overall dental checkup or examination that would include a thorough examination of oral hygiene
  • Cleaning, flossing, or oral prophylaxis

During the medical examination, the dentist checks for cavities, plaque, and tartar on your teeth. Plaque is a sticky layer on the teeth that comprise different strains of bacteria. Plaques turn to tartar when hardened. That is why dentists ask for regular brushing at least twice daily to get rid of plaque. In a regular checkup at Neo Dental Care, dentists thoroughly check the teeth to understand whether you brush regularly and systematically or not?

  • If there is dental plaque, your dentist and nurse will help you to clear those plaques by flossing and brushing.
  • If some plaques have turned to tartar, the dentist will remove them by scaling.
  • The doctor will show you how to brush properly so that plaques don’t grow on the teeth.

Next, the dentist will check the gums. At Neo Dental Clinic in Noida, various modern tools and devices are used for checking the gums and teeth. Doctors easily understand whether your gums are in good condition or any infections are there. During a scheduled checkup, careful examination of the tongue, and throat is also done to ensure those parts of the body are also in good condition and free from any injury or infection.

Why should you opt for a regular dental checkup?

Many people ignore, they repent later. Your oral health is at high risk because of the various activities it performs. With regular dental checks up, you can keep oral health at the best possible state:

  • Symptoms of future issues are detected: A regular dental checkup can detect any early sign of infection or oral cancer. Early detection helps your dentist to provide proper advice and in some cases proper medication.
  • Stops the growth of plaque and tartar: Regular brushing and cleaning can check the growth of plaques and tartars but not always. Even if you brush properly, some parts inside the mouth remain untouched. On your scheduled visit, the dentist ensured that your teeth remain free of plaques and tartars.
  • Keeps your teeth healthy and strong: Experienced dentists with the help of the most advanced tools and diagnosis process can detect any dental issue quickly. Their checkup and advice help visitors to the clinic to keep the teeth strong, well-shaped, and shining.
  • Protect you from allied health issues: Various other diseases in other parts of the body show early signs in the mouth. So, regular dental health check up provides information on overall health condition.


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