Decode the Multiple Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

Decode the Multiple Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

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Teeth are an essential part of the body that not only helps in chewing and talking but are also essential to maintain original facial structure and restore the aesthetics. Though all of us take great care to preserve our natural teeth but sometimes due to accident or disease anyone can lose a permanent tooth. Missing tooth is a common occurrence that can also cause a slew of complications like a decrease in jaw bone density and strength, or the person may experience premature signs of aging, and it can also impact their appearance.  

Sometimes losing one or more teeth is unavoidable despite the dentist trying hard to save a patient’s natural teeth. Due to the use of advanced technology in dental care, patients now have easy access to quality replacement teeth than ever that also serve them with multiple benefits. 

Thus, replacing the missing teeth is essential, as it comes with the following benefits.

Restore Function of the Mouth: 

People rely on the coordinated movements between their lips, teeth, and tongue to make specific sounds and if teeth are missing, especially from the front then their ability to produce clear sound diminishes that can only be restored by replacing those teeth. Besides, missing teeth also impact the biting function and so people who want to restore their mouth function and wish to make it easier to talk and chew should consider replacing their missing teeth. The new teeth work together with natural teeth and help people by restoring their bite function.

Prevent Jawbone Loss: 

Missing teeth increase the risk of jawbone atrophy i.e. it can stop growing because tooth roots stimulate jawbone growth and without tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone, it stops growing. Individuals suffering from missing teeth may lose as much as 25% of their supporting jawbone in few months following tooth loss that continues each year after that. Thus, replacing missing teeth will help prevent jawbone loss.

Maintains Original Facial Structure: 

Over a period missing teeth may change the shape of the face, as cheeks sink in around the areas where teeth are missing. Thus, it is vital for individuals to find out replacement options for the missing teeth from their dentist. Replacing the missing teeth will help people to maintain their facial structure, and prevents the cheeks from sinking.

Restore Aesthetics as well as Confidence: 

Even missing out on a tooth can adversely affect the aesthetics of an individual’s smile and also their self-confidence. Most people feel embarrassed to show off their missing teeth and it is also linked to poor self-esteem. Researchers have evaluated the fact that tooth loss and malocclusion have a profound effect on the self-esteem of people of all ages alike. Therefore, replacing missing teeth will not only improve their dental appearance but also boost their self-esteem.

Maintain Bite Mechanics: 

On losing even a single tooth, it is important to replace it as soon as possible because this helps in maintaining the bite mechanics. Delaying the replacement may lead to a bite-related problem or the teeth on either side of the gap may become weak and prone to damage. Thus, to maintain bite mechanics, people must replace their missing teeth without any delay.

Neighboring Teeth is Protected: 

The 28 adult teeth in the mouth protect enamel integrity and tooth alignment. Every tooth in the mouth has a function and chewing load is shared by the teeth and even prevents shifting of the tooth. In case of missing teeth, neighboring teeth start drifting into the gaps that lead to changes in alignment and negatively affects the fitting of the teeth. This further leads to abnormal tooth wear and jaw dysfunction. By replacing teeth, bone deterioration will be prevented and will also keep the neighboring teeth firmly anchored.

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