Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment And Its Benefits

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment And Its Benefits

Do you dread the prospect of a root canal with several lengthy sittings and pain? Please call Dr. Suhrab Singh, an acclaimed dentist in Noida, for a single sitting root canal treatment

Root canal therapy, often known as RCT, is a term that most people are familiar with these days. It is perhaps one of the most widely used and effective procedures for treating a damaged, decaying, or infected tooth. 

The standard root canal was a multi-session procedure requiring regular visits to the dentist. If this thought stresses you out, please consult with Dr. Suhrab Singh, founder of Neo Dental Care, a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Noida

Dr. Suhrab Singh, an eminent endodontist, values the importance of his patients’ time and provides highly-skilled single sitting root canal treatments. 

In this article, we shall learn about single sitting root canal treatment and its benefits. But first, let us understand the anatomy of the tooth.

Tooth Anatomy

Following is the anatomical structure of your tooth:

  • The enamel is the outer layer of the teeth. Enamel is a white, hard substance comprised primarily of calcium phosphate.
  • The dentin layer lies beneath the enamel. If the enamel gets infected or damaged, cold or heat can enter the tooth through routes on the dentin layer, causing pain.
  • The pulp, which is located beneath the dentin layer, contains nerves and blood vessels.
  • Finally, we have the cementum, which lies at the base of the root, connecting the tooth and gums.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is required when the pulp, which houses the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues, becomes inflamed or infected. 

The infection causes you to experience discomfort or pain while drinking a cold or chilled beverage. Another sign is a pain in the teeth when chewing food. Even if you do not feel any tooth pain, you may require a root canal treatment if a sinus is present near the gum that comes and goes.

A root canal operation is used to save the damaged or severely infected tooth from extraction. The root canal surgery usually requires 2 – 3 sessions. Each session could last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

Dr. Suhrab Singh is one of the preferred root canal specialists in Noida, with his expertise of over 10 years and 15000+ successful root canal procedures.

What is a single sitting root canal treatment?

Until a few years ago, a root canal treatment (RCT) involved multiple long sittings. However, traditional root canal methods have advanced significantly in recent years because of technological advancements.

A single sitting RCT can be carried out in a single session for an acute infection with no pus collected in or around the tooth. An X-ray is the most important diagnostic tool in this situation. It shows the absence or presence of pus build-up.

Please visit Dr. Suhrab Singh, one of the best dentist in Noida, and get firsthand experience if you or a family member requires dental care.

How is a single sitting RCT conducted?

The single sitting RCT is a cutting-edge procedure that focuses on precision and effectiveness. Irrigants are used to clean and prepare the canals properly. After this, the canals are sealed securely, allowing for quick healing and recuperation.

The following biomechanical approaches prepare the root canal system:

  • The afflicted nerve tissue or pulp and the dentin (the layer beneath the enamel) are removed mechanically.
  • The canals are flushed and disinfected by using irrigants such as Hydrogen Peroxide, EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), Na Hypochloride (Warm), Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Dexamethasone, and general Saline.
  • The canals are then shaped and expanded with the help of rotary files to accommodate the fillings comfortably.
  • The dry and clean canals are filled and secured with the biocompatible material Gutta Purcha (a strong plastic substance made from the rubber of a variety of Malaysian trees).

What are the benefits of a single sitting RCT?

Listed below are some of the benefits of a single sitting RCT:

  • A single session will remedy your discomfort.
  • It is a painless procedure.
  • There is no risk of gingival trauma due to the lack of rubber dam application (a thin square covering that helps to keep the surgical site separate from other parts of the mouth).
  • You can do away with getting additional anesthesia in a single sitting RCT.
  • There is no fear of leakage or contamination, which is a risk in temporary restorations between multiple appointments.
  • It is both cost and time-effective.
  • It reduces fatigue in both the patient and surgeon.
  • People with additional medical issues do not have to visit the clinic more than once.


2.3 billion individuals worldwide are affected by tooth disorders, with over 525 million children suffering from infections of their primary teeth. If left untreated, a tooth infection can create plenty of issues over time, some of which are pretty serious. 

Dr. Suhrab Singh, a top-notch dental surgeon in Noida, says that single sitting root canal treatment is a medical wonder that saves you time and money while causing you the least amount of worry and agony. This unique treatment seeks to give each patient a smile without requiring repeated visits to the clinic to finish the operations. 

If you or your loved one is afflicted by tooth infections, please make an appointment for a single sitting root canal treatment with Dr. Suhrab Singh.

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