Dental Problems During Pregnancy

Dental Problems During Pregnancy

Dental Problems During Pregnancy is one of the major issue for women’s. Visit Neo Dental Care is you are facing any type of Dental Issue during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is said to be the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. And every woman wants to spend this time in calm and no stress. But cramps, swelling, and other such things are part of this journey, which can’t be ignored at any cost. Other than these issues dental problems are also a crucial part of the journey. So, to prepare you for the same, Neo Dental care has brought you a list of a few dental problems during pregnancy that you should know.

Pregnancy Gingivitis: 

This is an actual term given to gum disease during pregnancy. If you are a pregnant lady and have any issue with your teeth, then while visiting your dentist, tell him everything about the dental changes that might have come during your pregnancy. From yellowing of teeth to texture of the soft tissue to bleeding while brushing to bad breathe. The dentists would make relevant recommendations, which will help you maintain your dental hygiene in the best manner.

Soft Tissue Cysts: 

It is a common oral health issue that a pregnant lady often faces. It might frighten the pregnant lady and leave her worrisome. Taking care of these cysts is crucial as they might turn large and become painful, giving air to mouth cancer. But the good news is, once the baby is delivered, this issue is no longer there in most cases. But if it continues to be there, take it seriously and consult a dentist.

Dry Mouth: 

A pregnant woman goes through a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy. The oral saliva of the mouth neutralizes the acidic plaque and leaves them with a dry mouth. This can lead to tooth decay and gum diseases in the future. To combat this situation drinking plenty of water or sucking sugarless hard candies or throat lozenges can be helpful.

Enamel Erosion: 

Morning sickness is one of the toughest phases of pregnancy that makes a pregnant woman rethink her breakfast choices. Frequent vomiting can lead to stomach acids coming in your mouth and staying there. Thus, a small exercise of brushing your teeth after every such incident would be of great help. Other than that, you can also wash your mouth with water thoroughly.

Dental Sensitivity: 

Now, the father of all these dental problems during pregnancy is dental sensitivity. Gum diseases, enamel erosion, dry mouth, etc., can lead to having a sensitive mouth. It might make your gums feel a sensation while you have something cold or hot. Get it resolved via dentist-recommended toothpaste or a desensitizing gel for your mouth.

All these dental problems during pregnancy can make the journey tough for you. These issues are mostly neglected during pregnancy, which is a very wrong practice. As much as a pregnant woman needs to stay stress-free and relaxed, it is equally important to have good dental health.

But now, you need not fret at all as Neo Dental Care is here to serve you with world-class dentists and treatment. Book your appointment in the best dental clinic in Noida today and seek consultation as per the issues you are facing. Here, we have a team of dentists working back and forth to bring comfort to the patients. So, when are you visiting us?

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